Free is the truest form of kindness in this world yet we as humans always question why people give freebies. When 90% in this world is free but we never take a moment in life to just stop and look around. Often we always have a negative thought about freebies. Questions usually are “is this an expired product?”, “Is this an unpopular product?”, “I will take it tomorrow and see if it is okay”, etc.

The most damaging aspect of abuse is the trauma to our hearts and souls from being betrayed by the people that we love and trust.


On our way growing up, we have been hurt a lot. From our life, studies, relationship, friendship, family, religion, and ourself. And these things create a defensive mechanism for our daily character. It is very normal for us to create this feeling infact these things that make us survive.

Back to business strategy for this.

We as a business owner need to understand our client’s feelings and how we can give them a better experience for our product or service. As a strategist in the company, I often suggest my clients to never give freebies. This thing will create a lot of questions about your product. It is better to give a 99% discount than free and the impact is heaven and earth.

A discount strategy is a much better marketing strategy for your business.  

Here are five business strategies you can do for your business:

1. Pop-up deal on every visitor that visits your web.

Old but gold for your website here is one of the most classic ways to do it. Make pop up for a deal on your only new visitor. And a welcome back for your old one. Give a deal of a lifetime for them.

2. Give more to your loyal customer.

What is better than rewarding your loyal customer to get a word of mouth recommendation. Reach them by email, login, or when they purchase your new product.

3. New product? Give a discount for the first few purchases.

Give a new product discount. Announce it across all your media platform to tell them your new product is on discount and they can purchase them. First come first serve.

4. Catch them if they cancel their purchase.

Last resort before losing your customer is to give them a discount before they leave your purchase this thing can be done everywhere you are selling just be creative on how you do it. Tip from us is that do it occasionally or people will abuse it.

5. Referal is KING.

You always love to support a friend. This is the reason why a referral is a great marketing strategy for your business. Research shows that email from closer friends is 500% likely to be open than from any business.

Written by Daniel