With all due respect, I would like to start with the most uncommon way to start this article with a bold statement I am saying that “Reading too much will kill your business.”

Today’s entrepreneurs are crazy about reading books. People are saying that they are reading one book a day. And more than 300 books in a year. That is what they measure success with. However, I need to agree with Patricia :



Reading is the window to the world but if you have too much window in your house it will be a disaster. I believe that you need to have a strategy on reading rather than blind reading. Every business is unique so you also need a unique book, not every top-selling books.

In this article, I would like to share a few strategies that you can do to make books impactful to your business.

  1. Analyze your business: I will take dwynmedia as an example. dwynmedia is a one-stop digital agency for today’s businesses. We know that our main customer is business owners. So, looking for books like understanding how businessman are thinking is essential to know more about our clients. A book like Crushing It -by Gary Vee will help to understand more about business owner what they want and what they plan. To keep in mind Gary Vee is one of the top entrepreneurs that admire by many and it will safe to say that many business owners will read his book.

  2. Know your weaknesses: We read books to improve ourself not to gain information. This is what most people mistake on reading a lot of books. If gaining information is your main goal, reading newspapers or articles will be more effective. Since they are shorter than any books you can find. However, books are meant to improve your skillset. Find books like How To Win Friends by Dale Carnegie will improve our skillset if we are an introvert.

  3. Get the preview: Do you ever invest in something without learning what it is? The same as books you are investing your time in it. You better get those preview before investing something as precious as your time. Summaries of books can be found on the internet make sure you read it and consider if this is the books that you want to invest your time in. Here is a link to find a summary on a book.

  4. Dismantle your books: Remember, the last time you took your test? What is your strategy do you just read the whole book and go for your test? The answer is “no” if you are one of those people you maybe the 1% genius in this world to be able to do that. The right approach is that you need to know what will be tested. Then you learn specifically on that. The same as books for your business learn specifically. Identify how you can benefit from it and learn more about it. Here is a link to learn more about how you can have a deeper understanding of the book.

  5. Stick with it: No one in this world is an expert on everything. The same thing as books no one is an expert on every book. Find a book that interests you and can be a benefit to your business. And stick with it for at least a few months to understand more about what the author trying to explain in it.

So, that are five strategies I can share with you on reading books. Remember qualities are better than quantity no matter what China did. Tell me about your opinion on the comment sections below.

Written by Daniel Lim